We are a Sporting Schools Provider under the Federal Government initiative to promote relationships between students and sporting clubs.

Our programs are based on the experience and ability of the students we use the first session to gauge where students are and what gaps are in there learning, all sessions after this are designed specific to the school and students and are made to improve and develop excising skills as well as gaining new ones.

Airtrack Gymnastics


Our Airtrack and Floor Program focus on basic gymnastic skills like handstands, cartwheels, leaps and turn with new and existing teaching methods.

Parkour In Schools
           FREE G

Our Free G Programs are based on Gymnastics Australia Free G Kids program. It include basic landing and take offs as well as basic vaults. HyperGym has developed legendary Free G circuits that student participate in and compete with their peers to get the fastest time and also the most awe inspiring run.


HyperGym Trampoline and Tumbling sessions include the use of a double mini trampoline, single mini trampolines and a large tumbling airtrack. These session have a huge focus on landings and connecting skills with jumps safely. Our trampoline and tumbling programs are lots of fun and a huge hit with the students.


HyperGym Aerobics Program is based on the Gymnastics Australia Aerofun/AeroSkills program that focus on basic Aero Routines with the backing of high energy music with the option of the students making up a short routine in a group.