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HyperGym is operated by only coaches, allowing us to deliver our programs for all of our clients because we know them. Our personal are qualified under Gymnastics Australia accreditation in Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG), Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) and Tumbling and have worked with thousands of children over the last decade.

            CAMERON DICKER


Cameron has coached at many clubs throughout South Australia. These include all age groups and ability levels from the athlete that walks in the door and never done gymnastics before, to the high level athletes preparing for state and national competitions. Cameron has also coached in many different Gymsports including Men's & Women's Artistic Gymnastics, Gym For All and Trampoline. 

"What I love most about coaching isn't the medals, but when the kids walk out and say to there parent: I cant wait till next week."

Andrew has coached in many clubs throughout Adelaide. A Gymnast since 2000, his philosophy has always been that everyone can do gymnastics. It is beneficial to fitness, health and building determination and resilience.
Andrew was never an elite gymnast and while having coached to the elite level, has preferred to work with children, teens and adults to develop gymnastics skills while also having a fun time. 


A coach’s impact can extend beyond the sporting environment into everyday life. If a coach is to positively influence both the performance and behaviour of those under their charge, both inside and outside the sporting environment, then they must have a sound understanding of their role and potential impact.

In gymnastics a coach is required to complete professional development or updating to renew annual technical membership. As with all learning opportunities, it is important that the professional development or updating which is undertaken is at a suitable level for each coach.

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